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Tint Bros offers the best variety and highest performing commercial, domestic, and automotive tinting films in Adelaide such as SunTek, LLumar F1, and Rayno Phantom. Our mission is to keep your house, car, or business comfortable by installing our premium films. SunTek offers a 55% heat reduction and our best performing film Rayno Phantom offers a 95% head reduction. We also strive to raise the bar of installation quality not just in Adelaide but eventually Australia-wide. Building customers' trust and knowledge is our key to insure you know what you are paying for.

Car Window Tinting Adelaide

A car is one of the most significant investments you will ever make, so it makes sense that you will want to protect it from UV rays, especially if you live in sunny Adelaide!

The good news is that even if you live in a location like Adalaide where the sun beats down for most of the year, there is a solution - window tinting, which can protect your vehicle from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

What is Car Window Tinting?

Car window tinting is when a film is applied to the windows of your vehicle which prevent UV rays from the sun from penetrating the interior of the car. Thereby protecting both the passengers and the interiors.

A car window tint can provide a number of benefits:


The first is that it can help reduce glare when driving, something that can help you feel more comfortable as the driver, as well as improve safety. Indeed, without the need to worry about glare interfering with your ability to see what is happening on the road you can be safe in the knowledge that you will always be able to see what is going on on the road ahead.

Increased UV protection

Car window tints mean Fewer UV rays penetrating your vehicle, which is good news both for the interior and your own health. Indeed as UV rays can cause all sorts of issues like eye damage, skin cancer, and premature ageing, investing in a tin is an investment in your own health.

Keeps you cool

If you live in or around Adelaide you will already know just how uncomfortable car journeys can be when the sun is at its hottest. The good news is that tinted windows can help keep the inside of your vehicle cooler, even when the sun is high.

Added safety

Most people think of the protection from the sun's rays that window tints provide. However, what they do not realise is that they also offer additional safety as well. Indeed, window tints prevent the glass from smashing into small sharp pieces if your vehicle is involved in a collision, which could injure both passengers and passers by. Thereby adding an extra layer of safety to your vehicle.

Security and privacy

Lastly, another benefit of getting window tints is that they provide additional security and privacy. This is because they shield the inside of your car from being able to be viewed from the outside, thereby protecting the passengers inside.

Additionally, you can feel safe in the knowledge that no potential thief will be able to see any valuables left inside your vehicle when you are parked if you have window tints.

Choose TINT BROS for your car window tint needs!

If you're looking for car window tinting Adelaide, Tint Bros has you covered. We offer the Same Day Window Tinting Adelaide so you can get your car windows tinted quickly and easily.

We also use high-quality products and materials, so you can be sure that your car windows will look great and last for years to come.

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Lifetime Warranty includes

  • Peeling Off
  • Scratches
  • Bubbles
  • Fading-away
  • Decolourization

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if the customer is not happy with the quality of our installation.


  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Adelaide’s top window tint installers and trusted trainees
  • Wide range of window films (SunTek, LLumar, and Rayno)
  • We offer one of the best ceramic coatings (Blask)

Starting $250

55% Heat Reduction

99% UV Protection


Starting $350

75% heat reduction

99% UV protection


Starting $450

95% heat reduction

99% UV protection

Tints are available at different darkness levels. The darkness does not affect the price or performance.
Darker tints do not reduce more heat or glare.
IR Rejection
IR Rejection
Outstanding durability

providing outstanding durability by preventing discoloration based on Advanced Resin Formulation & Coating Technology

Maximum visibility

providing perfect and pleasant visibility with no haziness through Optical Design Technology

Excellent heat rejection

providing excellent heat rejection based on Nano Carbon Ceramic Technologyy

Easy Installation

providing seamless and easy installation with optimized heat shrinking and adhesion


Protect Your Home from Extra Heat and Dust Get the all-rounder tough glass tints from Tint Bros for perfect house window tinting work. It keeps your house at the perfect temperature and protects it from extra heat during the day.

IR Rejection
Exterior VLR
Anti Insect
UV Rejection
Outstanding durability

providing outstanding durability by preventing discoloration based on Advanced Resin Formulation & Coating Technology

Minimizing the safety accident and damage by broken glass

preventing glass breakage and scattering from external impact: typhoon, earthquake, explosion, and so on

Solar heat/UV/IR Blocking

providing the effect of prevention for skin and eye, and discoloration of furniture and interior by blocking the hot solar heat, and UV

Air conditioning cost saving

providing seamless and easy installation with optimized heat shrinking and adhesion


World Class Architectural Quality Window Film Choose our industrial-grade quality window film to perform quality tinting works on your commercial establishment. Our skilled workers can guarantee you a damage-free and safe commercial tinting experience in Adelaide.

Tensile Strength, N/10m
IR Rejection
UV Rejection
Improving window durability

providing more than 20 times stronger than regular windows

Maximum Visibility

providing perfect and pleasant visibility with no haziness through Optical Design Technology.


providing anti-shattering to prevent secondary damages from the broken glasses

Glass breakage prevention

Preventing glass breakage from external impacts: typhoon, earthquake, explosion, and so on.

Paint Protection

  1. The reasons why you need ceramic coating on your car done by Tint Bros,
  2. Paint protection against bird droppings,
  3. bugs, and insects, High class glossy finish,
  4. Protection against stains, Protects leathers,
  5. trims and carpet divers.

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