Tint Bros Tinting Car Covers Protecting Your Car – The Sunny Side Of Life

Car Covers Protecting Your Car – The Sunny Side Of Life

Whilst living in a hot climate is bliss, the cars don’t always agree. Yes, you do not get the rain, snow, and wind and all the dangers that come along with them, but that doesn’t mean you get off scot-free. The sun also has its own diverse effects on cars that make it necessary for you to cover your car and protect it as much as you can.

You may not realize just how bad the sun really is for your car. In reality, the sun can and will harm both the interior and exterior of your car, unless stopped. The sun’s ultra-violet rays are extremely powerful. As they shine onto the car, the paint-work and finish get bleached and faded. This makes the car look much older, and more used than it really is, and therefore, not only looks unpleasant but also brings down its market value.

The intense heat from the sun can actually ruin the internal workings of a car. When the car stands in the heat for long periods at a time, as it does when parked, the internal specs get affected and do not work as well. The cabin also gets overheated and stuffy. This is unbearable to drive in and rather claustrophobic.

In the sun, the dust is far worse than usual. For some reason, the dust just seems to mount up on everything, your car included. No one likes dust, but especially not on their car, as you will agree. Nor do you like birds muck and tree sap. These will plant themselves on the roof of your car, no matter what climate you live in. Their stains are the ugliest and unbelievably difficult to get rid of.

Having revealed these points to you, you may suddenly find yourself identifying with these problems. You probably didn’t realize that it all stemmed from the sun, but it does, and the only way to effectively prevent them all from occurring is to get a car cover like Sunbrella.

The Sunbrella cover is made from acrylic fibers that are woven so that the fabric is naturally resistant to ultra-violet rays. On a lower level, the cover is also water-resistant, for the occasional shower that may come. The Sunbrella cover acts as a dust sheet for the car as well, only it’s a better fit. The car is therefore protected against the sun, dust and even rain too. It will even resist the growth of rot and mildew so that you don’t need to worry about leaving the car covered over extended periods.

Whilst the sun may bleach cars, your car and its cover will not fade in color. This is because the fibers of Sunbrella are dyed before they are woven, hence the color is embedded within the material, and not just on the surface. With a choice of five colors to choose from, Pacific Blue, Sky Blue, Cadet Grey, Jet Black, or Toast, your car will always look chic, even whilst covered.